About Me

Hello there. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Before moving ahead, I would like to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is AMIT KARLEKAR. I am 33 years old and currently living in NAGPUR, INDIA. By background, I have worked in sales. Not as a hobby but as a passion I am a hardcore martial artist, a foodie, and of course A READER.

I started this blog in December 2020. The reason behind starting this blog was that I just wanted to share my take away, my experience, and the things I learned from the amazing books I read, written by some amazing authors in the world; with a soul thought in the mind that it might be useful to someone like me out there, just like we share with our good experience with our friends and loved ones, so I named it Bookbuddiez.

But let me clear one thing here; if you are a fiction book lover, then you might be a little disappointed because I love to read non-fiction books and that is because they have so much knowledge in them to give and so much to teach so that one can live their life with no or little emotional conflicts. By reading such books, they get the strength to overcome the stress, worries, and problems they are facing in their life and they just keep moving forward.

There are millions of great books that have been written by great authors so far mostly by their own experiences that how did they tackle the bad situation where they hit their rock bottom and yet somehow they managed to overcome the problems and successfully rise above them.

The good thing about the problems we are facing right now is that solutions have already been there written in the books because someone in the past had had already gone through the same situation, found the solution for it, and successfully overcome it. Such people have shared their personal experiences in their own words in the form of a book. All we need to do is to find the correct book according to our needs. You might not find the solution for your problems in just one book and might have to read multiple books. But still, it will be worth it. Because, like good nutritious food keep our body fit, healthy and active, good books provide nutrition to our mind and keep it healthy, fit, and active.

As you might have heard many times that top CEOs, successful businessmen, and the richest people in the world like WARREN BUFFETT and BILL GETS read as many books as they can regularly. Because, no matter how successful you are, still there always something new to learn which makes you work more efficiently so that they can achieve their goals. Such successful people have many good habits and reading is one of them. A reading habit is what makes them a great leader. Don’t forget, READERS ARE LEADERS”.

No matter what your reason behind reading is, whether you want to be rich, successful in your chosen career, or you simply want to live a stress-free life, books would be the better and cheap companions to go to seek the solution for your problems. The way books have helped me to fight my anxiety and depression, I am 100% sure that they will help you too like they have helped million other people like me.

I am sure you love my work here. Just keep connected and we’ll be on the forever journey together with the amazing books. Feel free to talk to me about books, which book you should read next and if you are a beginner and don’t understand which one to start with….