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As a Man Thinketh

As a Man Thinketh book by James Allen was first published in the year 1903. He was a well-known author for his mass writing skill of self-help books. And As a Man Thinketh is of his masterpieces. This book put a light on the importance of thoughts. It also tells that in what way thoughts affect our character, circumstances, and destiny and why it is so important to keep track of our thoughts and thought habits. Here, As a Man Thinketh summary will give you an overview of this great book.

Chapter 1: Thought And Character

                Why do you think that people behave the way they do? Someone behaves like a gentleman, whereas someone behaves like a crook. Someone treats everyone with respect and someone keeps disrespecting everyone around them. It’s all because of the thought habits. Behind every act, there is prior a thought we have been thinking about. That dominant thought makes us take the decision and act. As a plant springs from a small seed; similarly, every act of ours springs from a thought no matter how big or small or what type of the act is, there is nothing but a thought behind it.

When we like someone, we like to be around them, we like to talk to them, we treat them with at most care, love, and respect. Because for them, we have noble thoughts and these thoughts make us behave towards them. Whereas on the other hand, for some reason if we don’t like anyone, we only get ill thoughts for them and our character changes towards them.

In certain situations either we give up and throw down our weapons where someone takes the circumstances as a challenge and rises above them like a butterfly from a caterpillar. It’s our thoughts that either takes all of our energy or gives us the strength to create heavenly life. By the right habit of thinking, we can create a perfect life.

You need to decide what kind of character you would like to possess because you are the master of your thoughts, molder of a character, and creator of the environment and destiny.

Chapter2: Effect of Thought on Circumstances

Just like a gardener who cultivates his land with the seeds of his desired plants and flowers and keep them from weed from time to time, so should a man must take care of his mind garden by not letting any kind of unwanted and negative thoughts which are not going to help in their progress. The Circumstances we are in, come from inside not because of the outside condition. It’s because we let those conditions take over our minds and we believe that e can’t do anything to change it because it’s not in our control. But the truth is, it’s the way we react to them that decides the outcome and further circumstances.

Men do not attract or get what we want but what we mostly think of. The disbelief in self, limitations in thinking produce a likewise outcome. Impure thought habits of every kind crystalize into circumstances of failure. A particular train of positive thoughts and optimism produces positive results under the circumstances. Men can’t choose the circumstances, but they definitely can choose their thoughts, and so indirectly shapes their circumstances.

Chapter3: Effect Of Thought On Health and Body:

The majority of diseases and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thoughts. Thoughts of fear and anxiety have killed more men than any disease and have broken more dreams even before they begin to work. Fear and anxiety kill your power of thinking and your power of taking decisions. They are directly proportional to health as they directly affect the stomach and after a good period of time, they hit the nervous system too. They affect your digestion, your immunity, your skin, your energy level, and sometimes death too. And all that happens because the negative thoughts take over your mind.

Change of diet and exercise won’t help unless men do not change the way of thinking. The way body needs nourishments with good nutritious food, similarly, the mind needs its nutrition in the form of positive thinking regularly. Men need to strengthen the mind with positive thoughts the way strengthens their body. It’s impossible to get rid of the ills and to have a healthy body with negative thinking. And there is no better physician than happy and cheerful thinking.

To have envy, ill thoughts, and cynicism for others is like digging a grave for our-self. But being cheerful with everybody, learning to find good in every situation and having unselfish thoughts will bring peace of mind to the possessor.

Chapter4: Thought And Purpose:

            Unless a purpose or a goal is backed up by a strong and unwavering desire of thought, it is impossible to achieve your goals, even if you do, it won’t be a complete accomplishment. Those who do not have goals and purpose in life, here mind gets easily distracted by even a small incident. And they tend to fall into self petty, worries and fear easily. Which is a sign of weakness and it leads directly to unhappiness, loss of health, and failure.

A person must have a sole purpose in life and must set out to accomplish it at any cost. That purpose must be a centralizing point of the thought and must be steadily focused on it and on the final object and not allowing thoughts to get easily distracted because of the quick and short-term result. No matter how small the task is, one must focus on faultless efforts.

Like physical strength comes from physical training and the body becomes strong, the thoughts can be strong by deliberately right and positive thinking. Take failures as pathways and use the experience to attainments. Do not let doubt and fear take control over you, they only cease the purpose, strong thoughts, and power of taking decisions. You will successfully conquer failure once you conquer fear and doubt.

Chapter5: The Thought-Factor In Achievement:

                Whatever man achieves or fails at in their lifetime is directly proportional to the kind of thought habits and loss of equipoise of achieving their goal. Man is the sole responsible for whatever situation they drag on themselves and nobody else. Only they can alter their situation. Because suffering and happiness come from within. Nobody can help you unless you want to get helped and want to change the odds. Even then you will need to put in your efforts.

Conquer your weakness, ill thoughts like envy, jealousy greediness and you shall be free. We won’t be able to achieve anything and remain miserable unless we change our negative thinking and adopt a positive thinking habit and control our thoughts. There can be no progress until we sacrifice our old bad lazy habits and fix our thoughts on developing the plans, put those plans in action. The higher our thoughts will be, the higher will be a success, and achievements will be blessed.

With the help of self-control, purity in efforts, resolutions, and well-directed thoughts we will be able to rise up be victorious, and these victories be maintained by watchfulness by staying alert to the kind of we allow into our mind.

Chapter6: Vision And Ideas

There is an aphorism that says “The dreamers are the saviors of the world”. Do you know why that is true? Because whatever the luxuries you see around you have been created by the visionaries-dreamers first in their dreams, whose dreams have become a blessing to mankind. They hold hat that vision so long enough that they got bewitched by it and didn’t stop until they finally received it, regardless of the struggles and failures they face throughout the journey.

A dream or a vision is nothing but a thought pattern that eventually becomes a habit. It’s the only thing that is running in your mind all the time. In order to become successful or to achieve what you desire, you got to be a dreamer. You got to behold with a vision. Because you get what you ask for. You get exactly what you think of the most deliberately or unintentionally; no less, no more.

Have big goals and big dreams. Have faith in yourself. Whatever your present environment and circumstances are, they will not remain permanent if you stick to your goals and strive to reach them no minding the obstacles in the way of any kind. You will fall or rise with the help of your thoughts and your visions. You will be as big as the intensity of your desires and your dominant thoughts. Do not think about how will you do it, just think about the outcome you want to perceive.

Chapter 7: Serenity

            The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, and his power for good. Such men or women are referred to as strong personalities. No matter whether the odds are in their favor or against them, they are always sweet, serene, and calm. Their demeanor is always equable and respectful towards everyone. Such people are always respected and people rely upon them, they trust them. People listen to them and get easily influenced by them.

Such calmness of the mind is like one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom which is been earned by self-control and patient efforts, right understanding and seeing clearly in internal affairs of the mind, and by learning how to govern himself without stopping.

I am sure you will enjoy this summary because I enjoyed a lot to share this with you. And don’t forget to read the book if you want to upgrade your mindset.

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