Sometimes, many people can’t find enough time to read the whole book. And many people find it hard to choose a good book to read. In these cases, book-summaries and reviews are the quick ways to get an idea about the book. Mark Manson’s The subtle Art of Not Giving A Fck has changed the perspective of the self-help book. No honey talking, no flashy language like other self-help books. The book has gone straight to the point on how to deal with the problems. While writing the book summary of The subtle art of not giving a fck I realized how could have I dealt with the problems in different ways so that they wouldn’t have affected me much.  This is the book which every youngster must-read. Because many of us are dealing with many problems at a time have no idea which problem to give more importance to and which one to avoid. This book will give an idea to which we should give a fuck and to which not. Before trying a book, I would suggest you go through the summary to get an overview of the book.

Chapter 1 – DON’T TRY

Don’t care and give too much importance to everything in your life and things going around you. The key to a good life is giving importance to fewer things that really meant something and matters in your life, which hold true values.

Take inventory of yourself. Know where you lack in. Know where you are good or worse at. Accept your flaws positively. Don’t feel ashamed of them or be anxious about them. Be comfortable with them and slowly improve them.

Don’t try too hard unnecessarily to achieve something. It will only stress you out and drain your energy. Don’t hurt yourself in the process. Be gentle. Keep working and in the end, you will get it.

Find something valuable and meaningful in your life to give importance to. Focus your energy there. Else your mind will go to meaningless and frivolous causes and will mess your head. Be selective while choosing the things to give value to.

Get this straight in your mind, it’s perfectly all right to suck at something. You can’t be the best and perfect at everything.


If you think you can achieve something without facing the problems or without meeting some kind of crisis or failure or defeat, then you must be daydreaming. Having problems, dissatisfaction and insecurities is not a problem because it’s them having mildly and in a controlled manner is going to help the most work to innovate and survive.

Expecting happiness without confronting failure and defeat is pointless. The only difference between the successful and failure is that successful people have faced and solved more problems than failures. Happiness comes only after solving the problems. Problems will be part of life even after achieving success, they just get improved and so are you. Problems don’t get less, you get better at solving them.

Don’t try to avoid problems as they have a tendency not to leave. They exist forever. Avoiding them temporarily might give you a high for short period. They are the way to temporarily escape our problems and can make us feel better for a while. But they bounce back with the worst outcome. Don’t ask a problem-free life, rather ask for a life full of good problems like rich people have, not the problems poor people have.

The problems call to take action. To change the current situation we are in not feeling good about.

Happiness can be earned only through solving problems. To find the solution to your problems you must first accept them and get engaged actively to find the way to solve them.

What you are is defined by what you are willing to struggle for. What determines your success isn’t what you want but what you want to sustain.

Fall in love with the process. So what if it’s troubling you for a while.


Having high self-esteem doesn’t mean how good or positive you feel about yourself. it actually means that how positively you see the negative aspects of your life and do something about them. That’s a true measurement of self-worth.

By successfully using positive mind techniques some people made assumptions that they are happy and positive, but when asking them why; they have no answer. Due to that odd positivity which they get from the law of attraction techniques, they feel that they are exceptional and deserve to be happy, and deserve to have all the good things. Such entitled people exude a delusional degree of self-confidence that they deserve to have the riches, people ought to like them. Because they think they are performing well and succeeding, but in reality, they are not.

Entitlement is nothing but another high like drugs and alcohol which gives people high. They get a high of feeling good and positive about themself that they block the way of all kinds of negativities which try to break their shield of positivity. Even if someone is trying to make them realize their true condition. Such entitled people avoid being around truth-speaking people.

Today is the best time in history to be alive because we have been granted so many facilities and advancements. One of them is the internet. But it has some side effects too. It shows how people have become rich and successful overnight. By seeing such examples people thinks that being extraordinary is cool and they too tend to be like one.


‌If the problems and suffering which comes along with it are inevitable, unavoidable and there is nothing we can do but to face them one on one then the question we must ask ourselves must be what is there on earth we would gladly suffer for? ‌We must choose a goal that is really going to make some positive difference and going to have a positive impact in our life along with the people around us. ‌While choosing a goal, we must take inventory of ourselves that what do we really want from life? and is it really going to make us happy. Because eternal happiness is what everyone really seeks ‌Do not suffer aimlessly. There is no point in suffering if it’s not going to make you happy in end.


‌We always have choices to choose from to react to the situations that we have been put through. No matter whether they are drawn upon us forcefully by someone else or we are directly responsible for it.

Options of taking complete responsibility on our shoulders of whatever happening in our life we are the sole responsible for it and do something about it or pass this responsibility off on someone else’s head, blame them for our problems and be in misery. Someone may be having faults for our suffering but we ourselves and only responsible for the reaction we give to them.

Play a victim chick role, blame your abusive husband or father, cheater boyfriend, not so good childhood, hold them responsible for the sufferings, misery that you are going through. Or be like OPRA VINFREY or ELON MUSK and other people who took responsibility for their life and became successful.

No doubt some people have gone through worst problems than others, which was drawn upon them by circumstances, but the way they react to them; only they are responsible for it.

Change the way you react to the particular events and you might change the outcome or at least the intensity of the outcome. No one is saying it will be easy but once you get to do it effectively the end result would be worth it.

These are the things which I got from the book. You might get something else which I like to hear about from you. If you liked this summary then you must read the book and follow Mark Manson for his amazing tips.

Happy reading!!




The Magic Of Thinking Big Book

The Magic Of Thinking Big written by David Schwartz. He has beautifully conveyed that why everyone must have big goals? What kind of thinking we must have and what steps we must take in order to achieve them. The Magic Of Thinking Big summary will give you a hint of the idea behind the David Schwartz  writings. The book has been popular amongst all the successful people. It has been said that it makes you to think big and makes you work differently than average people. So, here are the summarized chapters.


The most important thing successful people have in common that they have a firm belief in their goals and ability to achieve them.
They are not afraid of early defeat and failures, they do not pay attention to the negative talk done by other people only because they have unwavering belief that sooner or later they will achieve what they want.

They don’t have even the tiniest doubt in their mind about themselves. They don’t just try to achieve something, they put their life and soul into their efforts, they do whatever they could to succeed. The strong belief they have triggered their mind to figure out the ways to reach success.

To develop the power of believing you must keep thinking about only success, not at all about failure. Keep reminding yourself that you are better than you think you are. Keep big goals in front of you. Your objective must be to make successful actions habitual.

Start believing in yourself and good things will start happening.



Many great inventions, songs, stories, books, plays couldn’t reach their end, all because of the excuses people gave. Sometimes, not having good health, sometimes not having enough talent, sometimes being too old or too young, and sometimes considering oneself as unlucky. There can be others excuses but these are the most common ones.

This is one of the major differences between successful people and failure one or average performer or mediocre that successful people tend to focus all their energy on their desired end result. They don’t care whether the circumstances are in their favor or against them. They get what they want through dedicated hard work.

You might have noticed that the more successful the individual is, the less inclined they are to make excuses. On the other hand people, those who are average performers or failures have a bunch of excuses for everything they do or don’t do.

Either you kill the excuses or they destroy you completely. You can avoid excuses through feeding repeatedly positive affirmations to the subconscious mind. It might take time but you will definitely kill the failure disease of excuses. How old you are, what knowledge you possess is not important. It is one’s attitude towards life that makes it a blessing or barricade.



Like excuses, FEAR is one of the major reasons that kills success even before it takes form. Fear can be psychological, public speaking, social gathering, etc. Fear prevents people from taking initiative which then causes people to stay broke, in misery, poverty, to stay mediocre, average. Fear makes people psychologically handicap.

Inactions create doubts and doubts turned into worries. And after a long period of time, those worries turn into fear which destroys one’s confidence to think, to act, to work; in others, words fear stops people from succeeding. Indecision, procrastination fertilizes fear.

To succeed we must be confident and fearless. To be confident we need to kill the worry habit, the habit of fearing everything by repeatedly thinking about positive thoughts. Give positive instructions to our minds. Even if the problem arises, focus on the solution to solve it not on the problem.
Take positive actions backed up with sound plans. Think about only good memories, avoid bad ones. Close the door permanently for all kinds of negativity. Adopt some good habits like, always sit in front. Don’t wait for others to talk first, take initiative and start talking. Don’t care what others would think or say. Always have a big smile on your face. Have a good posture. Have a positive attitude. Start walking fast than usual. Don’t wait for the time to be right, just take action with whatever tools you have in your hands.

Don’t forget, actions cure fear. And being fearless makes you confident.


Chapter 4 – HOW TO THINK BIG.

Lots of people have hesitation about their looks, knowledge, personality, etc. They think, are they really capable enough to get what they want?
And that’s why they don’t ask a girl or a guy out. Don’t write a script, stories, songs they have been thinking about to writer. Don’t ask to get paid more for their hard work in the job and etc. etc.

This thinking of selling short to myself, doubting in own abilities puts breaks on positive actions and eventually on the success. Because they don’t take the necessary actions to succeed due to the constant doubt in the back of the mind.

You need to get this devil off your mind if you want to live your desired life. You can do this by adopting good habits. By acting and thinking confidently. By developing positive thinking and mindset.

Kill the habit of self-deprecation. Focus on what you have within you, the assets. Use positive words in your talking that resemble hope, happiness, and success. Avoid negative talking, negative people, and a negative atmosphere.

Look at the things or people what they can be or what you can do with them in the future. Don’t focus on their present condition that how bad they are now, rather how beautiful you can make them with your efforts. Avoid stupid quarrels which happen on silly things. Before reacting negatively, think…Is it really important? Focus on your main objective of being happy, successful, achieving goals. Have big goals. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Ignore everything which looks and sounds negative, which takes a peace of your mind.



‘You become what you thinketh’. It is practically proven by the people those who have achieved success in abundance in their life by continuously thinking only about what they wanted to have. Because of the dominant thoughts we have in our mind, it releases certain vibrations in the universe which then picked up by the infinite intelligence & transmit in the same nature at the time of their release.

You get the results according to the dominant thoughts you have in your subconscious mind. Dominant thought controls your thought process. Positive thinking gives you positive results and negative gives you negative results. That’s why people with positive thinking resemble a strong personality. They act and look confident, positive, and attractive and that’s why they get special attention, treatment, and respect from the people around them. On the other hand people, who are drowned in negative thinking look dull, less attractive, always worried and self pitied. They often get avoided by the people around them.

To be successful you got to have wavering faith in yourself. That will determine your actions. These positive actions will determine your result and eventually, it will determine your importance in people’s eyes. Believe you are strong, positive, confident, strong, and act that way. The way you will treat yourself, you will get treated by the people the same way. Your appearance definitely talks. Remember when you get attracted to someone because of their personality? That’s appearance. Either it attracts or repels away the people. Similarly, your appearance can help you attract opportunities or repels them away. So, pay close attention to your looks, the dressing. Your cloths must be clean and properly ironed. Hairs neatly combed. Cleaned shaved or well-groomed. A good appearance makes you look like some sort of important personality and people will treat you that way. Believe in yourself and your abilities that you have what it takes to be successful. Take whatever the job is in your hand as important as you would take it as a matter of life and death. Give all you have got to do it successfully, put enthusiasm in it and it will open attract the people who would gladly give you a hand to be successful. Your positive actions and positive performance will open the door for success in the future.



A regular healthy diet provided to the body gives a healthy and active body. Whereas the junk food, too much sugar gives not so active and a dull body. By the same token if you are providing positive thoughts to your subconscious mind on a regular basis it will give you a positive mindset along with positive actions and finally positive results. Like junk food, if you are feeding negativity to your subconscious mind too often then it will give you nothing but trouble and misery. Like the body needs good food to stay healthy, the mind needs positive thinking to stay healthy.

Food for the mind provided by the environment you live in. The way our body reflects the food we feed it, the same way our mind reflects what it is feed through the environment. We become the average of the people we spend most of the time often with. Being in a particular environment for a specific period of time (positive or negative) formed the size of our thinking, attitude, character, and personality. Environment shapes us, makes us do things the way we think. Association with negative-minded people makes us negative from all aspects, on the other hand, companionship with positive, optimistic people makes us like them.

Develop a defense system against your negative thinking and the people around you who give you only negative talk. Negative opinions from yourself and from others can be a poison that might kill your speed of progress. Take negative talk only as a chalk to prove it wrong that you sure can do it. Be extra careful, study people. If you find someone as a negator who finds negative in everything, ignore them. Cut off the negative people completely from your life if have to. Don’t let them pull you down to their level. Protect yourself from them. Don’t hesitate to seek help or advice from others if you have to. But choose the right source. Go to the positive-minded people those who you think are successful in some manner in their field. The success building process requires you to become an expert in understanding people. Mix and be friends with people from different virtues than you. Mix a variety of people with different skills. One thing that must be common between them is that they all must be positive thinkers who would help you to grow, who would encourage you to keep trying. Don’t be a part of gossip actively or passively. Stay away from gossipers. It commonly called thought poison. Have a healthy conversation instead. Talk about positive aspects of people on their back.
Go first-class in everything you do. It’s better to have fewer things of good quality than to have stacks of poor quality junk. Develop an instinct for quality. People rate you for your quality.



You can see the enthusiasm in everything successful people do. There is no substitute for a positive attitude to be successful. A positive attitude makes you enthusiastic and puts enthusiasm in everything you do. Results come in proportion to the enthusiasm we put in our efforts. When our attitude is right, our abilities reach maximum effectiveness and good results inevitably follow. The right attitude wins for you in any situation.

Before initiating to perform any task get whole information about it, even a tiny one. That will help you to stay excited about it and will make you feel familiar with it. Put life in whatever you do. Give your full attention to the task you want to perform. Love the process. Stay happy while working. Drown yourself in your work so much that you won’t have time for chit-chat and gossips. Stay away from gossips, gossipers. Never broadcast bad news about anyone or anything. Always focus on positive aspects.

Grow ‘You-Are-Important’ attitude for everyone around you. No matter how small or big the help is done by people to you, let them know that you value them and their obligation. Let them know that you are sincerely grateful to have them. Develop a habit of showing genuine application and gratitude for everything people do for you.

Praise those who help, motivates, and encourage you to grow and succeed. Do something for them. Do something for them in return for their help. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Spend quality time with them. That
includes your family too.

Whether you do a job or business or provide some sort of professional services, focus on giving such a value that you would wish to receive for yourself. Do not focus on money but on giving a good service. Put service first before the money. Be determined to give good service, it will definitely pay you sooner or later. Because the seed of money is service and it needs to be harvested if you want to make some. In order to be successful, do more than you get paid. Always give more and better service than they expect to get from you. You won’t get paid or get a raise just for the promise of better performance unless you show better performance in your actions and efforts.


Chapter 9 – Think Right Toward People.

Even the strongest person in the world can’t win the battle by himself. He will need assistance and cooperation from his army. We all need help from others to succeed, to achieve our goals. To get support from people be such kind of a person who is easy to be with, whom people will like and would love to be with, from whom they will get respect and the proper treatment they deserve. This will win you their support and puts fuel in your success-building program.

Don’t wait for others to start to talk or to develop friendships. You take initiative to move forward to develop a relationship. Introduce yourself at every opportunity and eventually, people will join you sooner or later. Make sure you and the other person gets each other’s name correctly with correct pronunciation and spelling. That’s really very important because you will not want to get pronounce your name wrongly. Because sometimes it irritates us. Drop a personal message or meet tour new friends often you want to get to know better.

Don’t forget that everyone has a right to be different. Accept people the way they are along with their difference and limitations. Don’t expect everyone to be perfect, because no one is. Don’t be a reformer. Keep your opinion about them to yourself because if you tell them, they might find it offensive and you might lose a good friend.

Like you tune into your favorite radio channel, similarly always tune into channel positivity of your mind which is a good thought broadcasting station. Ignore the flaws and find qualities to like and admire in person. Don’t let others to create a bad image about a third person just because they tell you something about them. Stay away from gossips. Think positive thoughts toward people and you will surely get positive results.

Be like successful people. Develop conversation generosity. Successful people talk less and listen more because they know they can learn something new from everyone regardless of their appearance. They encourage others to talk. Let or encourage other person talk to you about their views, likes, dislikes, opinion. They will like you and respect you for being a good listener and that will earn you their support.

Practice courtesy and show gratitude whenever you get a chance, even for a small help done by people to you. Congratulates people even for their small achievements, improvements, their new look or anything they try new. Don’t blame others when you get a setback. Thank them instead that they shown you, where you lacks and where you need to improve which is definitely going to help you in your success journey.


Having a great idea in mind is not enough unless we acted upon it. An average idea acted upon and developed is far better than the excellent idea that dies because it isn’t followed up. If you want positive results then act upon the ideas right at the time you get them, putting them off on tomorrow or procrastinating then will take you nowhere but mediocrity. Ideas alone won’t bunless acted upon them. Don’t wait for the conditions to be perfect or odds be in your favor, they never will. Expect and be ready for the obstacles and problems. Face them and solve them as they arise. Action is the only cure for fear. Whatever that scares you, stand face to face then do it anyway. Don’t give second thought to whether to do it or not, even if it scares you just start doing it and fear will disappear.

Don’t wait for someone else to push you or motivates you, no one will come all the time. Get a habit of being self-motivated. Take action, even if it’s the job you hate to do, just dig in and move your spirit by yourself. Start your mental engine mechanically like and robot. Such people get more support from others.

Be the kind of person who does his job on a right now basis. Don’t procrastinate the things on tomorrow which are meant to be done today. Tomorrow, later, next week, or next year such words are synonyms the failure word that you will do the job ‘never. Don’t waste time in getting ready to act. Just Start acting with whatever tools you have in hand. Get down to business as you get them in front of you.

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you to do the job. Be a volunteer. When you see something that you believe ought to be done, take initiative by yourself. Like a rugby player get the ball yourself and once you get it just start running. Show everyone that you have the ability and ambition to do something by yourself.


Whenever you get defeated, face some failure or some kind of setback, don’t give up. Use them as a tool to pave your way for success by finding out what mistakes you did then and by not repeating them next time but with improving them.

Criticizing ourselves as better than criticizing others. By criticizing constructively we will get to know the flaws, weakness,es and faults we have within and we will be able to correct them. Which will be very helpful in our success journey.

Do not be dependable on luck. Stop blaming it. No one has got anywhere by blaming luck. Everything happens because of our deeds. Find out what went wrong, correct those mistakes and change the outcome for the next attempt.

Being persistent is a good thing. Persistence is one of the small parts of being successful. But persistence alone doesn’t give a guarantee of success. Doing the same thing over and over again won’t give you new results. To get new and improved results, you ought to experiment with your method of working. Mix experiment with your persistence.

Make a habit of seeing a good side in every situation. Try to find out what new lesson you have learned. See how you can use it for your betterment.


Whenever you get defeated, face some failure or some kind of setback, don’t give up. Use them as a tool to pave your way for success by finding out what mistakes you did then and by not repeating them next time but with improving them.

Criticizing ourselves is better than criticizing others. By criticizing constructively we will get to know the flaws, weaknesses, and faults we have within and we will be able to correct them. Which will be very helpful in our success journey.

Do not be dependable on luck. Stop blaming it. No one has got anywhere by blaming luck. Everything happens because of our deeds. Find out what went wrong, correct those mistakes and change the outcome for the next attempt.

Being persistent is a good thing. Persistence is one of the small parts of being successful. But persistence alone doesn’t give a guarantee of success. Doing the same thing over and over again won’t give you new results. To get new and improved results, you ought to experiment with your method of working. Mix experiment with your persistence.

Make a habit of seeing a good side in every situation. Try to find out what new lesson you have learned. See how you can use it for your betterment. Surround yourself with the things which will help you to have a positive mental attitude, atmosphere and which will increase your mental energy and efficiency.


If you want to influence people or you want them to do what you want them to do then think exactly the way they do. See things or situations through their eyes the way they would see. Before taking any action ask yourself ” What would I think or feel for a particular situation? ”

Be good to people even if they are bad to you. Treat people the way you would like to get treated. Think of other people as they are your family members. Use Be-Human rule in everything you do. Try to find the best human way to handle every situation.

Don’t get satisfied with your current situation even if you are doing fine. There is always room for progress. Keep thinking about progress and improvement, no matter how well you are doing. Keep updating yourself. Keep your standards high in everything you do.

Spend some time alone with yourself daily and do some creative thinking, organized planning, it will improve your thinking power. It will pay you off sooner or later. It will help you to find solutions to your business and personal problems.

It’s a pretty long I know. But trust me, it is definitely good enough to give an overview of the book. And, if you like the summary; then you can give a book a try which will be totally worth it.

Happy reading!!



As a Man Thinketh



As a Man Thinketh book by James Allen was first published in the year 1903. He was a well-known author for his mass writing skill of self-help books. And As a man Thinketh is of his masterpieces. This book put a light on the importance of thoughts. It also tells that in what way thoughts affect our character, circumstances, and destiny and why it is so important to keep track of our thoughts and thought habits. Here, As a Man Thinketh summary will give you an overview of the book.

Thought And Character:

                Why do you think that people behave the way they do? Someone behaves like a gentleman, whereas someone behaves like a crook. Someone treats everyone with respect and someone keeps disrespecting everyone around them. It’s all because of the thought habits. Behind every act, there is prior a thought we have been thinking about. That dominant thought makes us take the decision and act. As a plant springs from a small seed; similarly, every act of ours springs from a thought no matter how big or small or what type of the act is, there is nothing but a thought behind it.

When we like someone, we like to be around them, we like to talk to them, we treat them with at most care, love, and respect. Because for them, we have noble thoughts and these thoughts make us behave towards them. Whereas on the other hand, for some reason if we don’t like anyone, we only get ill thoughts for them and our character changes towards them.

In certain situations either we give up and throw down our weapons where someone takes the circumstances as a challenge and rises above them like a butterfly from a caterpillar. It’s our thoughts that either takes all of our energy or gives us the strength to create heavenly life. By the right habit of thinking, we can create a perfect life.

You need to decide what kind of character you would like to possess because you are the master of your thoughts, molder of a character, and creator of the environment and destiny.

Effect of Thought on Circumstances:

Just like a gardener who cultivates his land with the seeds of his desired plants and flowers and keep them from weed from time to time, so should a man must take care of his mind garden by not letting any kind of unwanted and negative thoughts which are not going to help in their progress. The Circumstances we are in, come from inside not because of the outside condition. It’s because we let those conditions take over our minds and we believe that e can’t do anything to change it because it’s not in our control. But the truth is, it’s the way we react to them that decides the outcome and further circumstances.

Men do not attract or get what we want but what we mostly think of. The disbelief in self, limitations in thinking produce a likewise outcome. Impure thought habits of every kind crystalize into circumstances of failure. A particular train of positive thoughts and optimism produces positive results on the circumstances. Men can’t choose the circumstances, but they definitely can choose their thoughts, and so indirectly shapes their circumstances.

Effect Of Thought On Health and Body:

The majority of diseases and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thoughts. Thoughts of fear and anxiety have killed more men than any disease and have broken more dreams even before they begin to work. Fear and anxiety kill your power of thinking and your power of taking decisions. They are directly proportional to health as they directly affect the stomach and after a good period of time, they hit the nervous system too. They affect your digestion, your immunity, your skin, your energy level, and sometimes death too. And all that happens because the negative thoughts take over your mind.

Change of diet and exercise won’t help unless men do not change the way of thinking. The way body needs nourishments with good nutritious food, similarly, the mind needs its nutrition in the form of positive thinking regularly. Men need to strengthen the mind with positive thoughts the way strengthen their body. It’s impossible to get rid of the ills and to have a healthy body with negative thinking. And there is no better physician than happy and cheerful thinking.

To have envy, ill thoughts, and cynicism for others is like digging a grave for our-self. But being cheerful with everybody, learning to find good in every situation and having unselfish thoughts will bring peace of mind to the possessor.

Thought And Purpose:

            Unless a purpose or a goal is backed up by a strong and unwavering desire of thought, it is impossible to achieve your goals, even if you do, it won’t be a complete accomplishment. Those who do not have goals and purpose in life, here mind gets easily distracted by even a small incident. And they tend to fall into self petty, worries, and fear easily. Which is a sign of weakness and it leads directly to unhappiness, loss of health, and failure.

A person must have a sole purpose in life and must set out to accomplish it at any cost. That purpose must be a centralizing point of the thought and must be steadily focused on it and on the final object and not allowing thoughts to get easily distracted because of the quick and short-term result. No matter how small the task is, one must focus on faultless efforts.

Like physical strength comes from physical training and the body becomes strong, the thoughts can be strong by deliberately right and positive thinking. Take failures as pathways and use the experience to attainments. Do not let the doubt and fear take control over you, they only cease the purpose, strong thoughts, and power of taking decisions. You will successfully conquer failure once you conquer fear and doubt.

The Thought-Factor In Achievement:

                Whatever man achieves or fails at in their lifetime is directly proportional to the kind of thought habits and loss of equipoise of achieving their goal. Man is the sole responsible for whatever situation they drag on themselves and nobody else. Only they can alter their situation. Because the suffering and happiness come from within. Nobody can help you unless you want to get helped and want to change the odds. Even then you will need to put your efforts.

Conquer your weakness, ill thoughts like envy, jealousy greediness and you shall be free. We won’t be able to achieve anything and remain miserable unless we change our negative thinking and adopt a positive thinking habit and control the thoughts. There can be no progress until we sacrifice our old bad lazy habits and fix our thoughts on developing the plans, put those plans in action. The higher our thoughts will be, the higher will be a success, and achievements will be blessed.

With the help of self-control, purity in efforts, resolutions, and well-directed thoughts we will be able to rise up be victorious, and these victories be maintained by watchfulness by staying alert to the kind of we allow into our mind.

Vision And Ideals:

There is an aphorism that says “The dreamers are the saviors of the world”. Do you know why that is true? Because whatever the luxuries you see around you have been created by the visionaries-dreamers first in their dreams, whose dreams have become a blessing to mankind. They hold hat that vision so long enough that they got bewitched by it and didn’t stop until they finally received it, regardless of the struggles and failures they face throughout the journey.

A dream or a vision is nothing but a thought pattern that eventually becomes a habit. It’s the only thing that is running in your mind all the time. In order to become successful or to achieve what you desire, you got to be a dreamer. You got to behold with a vision. Because you get what you ask for. You get exactly what you think of the most deliberately or unintentionally; no less, no more.

Have big goals and big dreams. Have faith in yourself. Whatever your present environment and circumstances are, they will not remain permanent if you stick to your goals and strive to reach them no minding the obstacles in the way of any kind. You will fall or rise with the help of your thoughts and your visions. You will be as big as the intensity of your desires and your dominant thoughts. Do not think about how will you do it, just think about the outcome you want to perceive.


            The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, and his power for good. Such men or women are referred to as strong personalities. No matter whether the odds are in their favor or against them, they are always sweet, serene, and calm. Their demeanor is always equable and respectful towards everyone. Such people are always respected and people rely upon them, they trust them. People listen to them and get easily influenced by them.

Such calmness of the mind is like one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom which is been earned by self-control and patient efforts, right understanding and seeing clearly in internal affairs of the mind, and by learning how to govern himself without stopping.

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According to the author RHONDA BYRNE, the secrete of happiness, being successful in a career, achieving our goals was always been there from the very first day the earth been created, in fact, it was there even before that because earth got created by using that secret. But it was known to only a few people and they were using it successfully to achieve their professional and personal goals. The author says that the secret is for everyone and everybody can use it and achieve their goals. By using secrets we can have anything like happiness, good health, wealth, great heights in careers, etc. no matter how big it looks. That secret is nothing but a LAW OF ATTRACTION.

The law of attraction works on repetitive dominant thoughts in our conscious mind which eventually goes to our subconscious mind where the actual work is done. The subconscious mind gives the physical form to our thoughts and puts it in front of us as a result. Whether you use it intentionally or unintentionally, whether you want something or not, it still works. But there is one important thing we need to know about the law of attraction that we can’t afford to ignore is that the law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between good and bad thoughts. It takes our dominant thoughts literally and gives the physical form to our thoughts accordingly and puts it in front us as a final result.

Our dominant thoughts works like a broadcasting stations which send the signals in the universe and in return universe gives the similar outcome. Thoughts are nothing but an energy. The energy we will emit, the energy we will draw back to us. The kind of thoughts we will have in our subconscious mind, the similar kind of situations or people we will attract in our life. The law of attraction simply gives back to us what we most focus on with our thoughts, and it appear as our life which live

Doesn’t matter how bad the situation we are living in. Doesn’t matter how hopeless situation looks like, we can still come out if it and change the situation in our favor by using the law of attraction. In order to have positive results we must have positive thoughts running in our mind all the time. Because positive thoughts will attract positive situation, positive people which will help us to have positive outcome.

In order to have positive outcome, we must be on the same frequency of the thought. It means that if we are intentionally trying to put positive thoughts in our subconscious mind, then we need to have faith and belief in them. We need to act and feel the feeling and happiness as it is which we will at the time when we will have it in real. That’s what being on the same frequency is. But, if we are trying to put positive thoughts in subconscious mind but having little doubts, then it will give mix results or result or negative results.

We have the choice to attract what we want because we have the choice to think about what we want. Although it is impossible to control the thoughts, we can definitely control the way we react to them. It takes practice but we can definitely control our reaction to particular situation or circumstances. We need to be aware of our thoughts because we can’t afford to have any kind of negative thoughts, because it may ruin the outcome. Whenever we feel bad or sad it is because we are having some negative thoughts going in our mind which we need to shift to positive thoughts immediately by thinking about our pleasant memories, our favorite song or thinking about the positive result we want and feel happy as we already have it. It’s like distracting the distraction.

You can use these three simple steps to achieve what you want:

  1. Ask: We must have clarity about what we intend to have. Do the thinking. Decide what we really want to acquire. Let the universe know what we desire to have.
  2. Believe: Once we come to a point where we know what our goal is, then we need to have faith and belief in ourselves and in our abilities that no matter what, we are going to have it. Do not think about how it will happen at all. Just know and believe that it will happen for sure.
  3. Receive: And at last, act as if we already have it. Be happy about it. Be grateful for it. Feel the joy when we will have it in real. Let our positive thought vibrations goes in the universe. It will fool the subconscious mind because it can’t make a difference what is real and what is fake. And it will produce the outcome we want.

“I know the information is not sufficient enough. I strongly recommend you to read the book. I would love to know about your experience with the book. The way it has helped millions of people so it will help you too”.

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There are millions of hazardous diseases in the world today and scientists have successfully found the cure for them too. But the most dangerous disease among them is still being taken lightly by most people because they think it’s not real and it’s just in the head of the people who are suffering from it. Yet most of the hospital beds are filled with the patients suffering from it. Few people are even dying from it. And that disease is called WORRY. Yes, how absurd it may sound but it’s a fact. It’s killing thousands of people every year as with any other diseases.

We have been told that humans are far the most intelligent animal and yet we are quite a failure when we have to deal with this. Let’s take grown men, women, kids, employees, etc. they all have one thing in common, WORRY. Father worries to earn the bread and butter, mother worries for the family, students worry about their grades. Businessmen worry to keep running the successful business…and so on.

DALE CARNEGIE is the pioneer of developing self-development courses by which thousands of people have taken benefit from it and changed their life constructively. Because, in order to achieve anything in life, we must have good mental health as much as physical health. DAL CARNEGIE’s book HOW STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING is a revolutionary book whose teachings are appropriate in today’s world. Here I am trying to give a summary of the book as much as possible.


According to professional psychologists in the world, most patients can cure their disease on their own if they just learn to stop worrying. Most of the things we worry about are either have happened in the past. And some of them not even have happened yet, we are just worried about the things that might happen in the future. In both cases, no one can do anything about it. So, here the term LIVE IN THE DAY TIGHT COMPARTMENT can be useful where we must close the door for the thoughts which come to our mind. And also close the door for the thoughts of the future and work on the present only which is only in control.


Worry makes you tense and nervous and affects the gastric juices of your stomach from normal to abnormal and often leads to stomach ulcers. It may imbalance the body’s calcium level and may cause tooth decay and even arthritis. It gives you wrinkles. It may turn the hairs and in some cases, hairs may even fall out. It may clinch you with heart diseases, blood pressure. And in worst cases, It may kill you. It may happen to anyone from kids to grown-ups.

Those who do not learn to fight worry may die soon. A cheerful mental attitude helps the body fight diseases at any rate.


Make a list of your tasks and finish them in order of their importance and urgency. Start with the one which is big and important and do other work after which is less important. When you face a problem in your business, solve it right then and there if you have the necessary facts to make the decision.


Make yourself busy as much as possible in such a work where we mind needs to work and put its effort in order do the work. In this way, the mind won’t have enough time to think anything about anything else. Because the mind can focus on one thing at a time. With some practice, gradually you get rid of the worry habit. Have a purpose for each day you wake up to put you and your mind to work.


            Stop worrying about the small things which you can simply ignore, despise, and forget because life is too short to worry over small things. Do not allow yourself to be worried about small things ever.


Circumstances do not make us happy or unhappy. It is the way we react to them that determines our feelings. As long as there is a chance that we can save the situation, let’s fight. But, many things happen in life which no one has control over. At such moments it would be just wise to accept the consequences and move on. Take whatever comes like a man. Carry on no matter what.


  1. Decide which problem needs our attention and till when. And stop when you feel there is nothing you can do about it.
  2. Stop worrying over the things which have already happened because you can’t go back to the past and redo them.
  3. Our life is a result of thoughts we carry all day long so have good thoughts every moment of your life.
  4. Don’t try to get even to the people who do wrong to you, because if you do so your mind will be full of negative thoughts and you won’t be able to live worry-free because every time the person will come in front of you, you’ll toxic thoughts. So, forget and forgive.
  5. Don’t expect gratitude from anyone after you do something for them. Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation and won’t find in amongst everyone.
  6. Don’t feel sad about the things you don’t have but be grateful for the things you do have. Count your blessings, not your troubles.
  7. Find something good in every situation and make the most of it.
  8. Be good to others and have only good thoughts for them.
  9. Don’t worry about the criticism done by the people if you know in your heart that you are right and whatever you are not going to harm anyone, because you’ll be criticized if you do something or if you don’t.
  10. Take enough rest.
  11. Find joy in whatever work you do. It will help you to fight boredom.
  12. Don’t worry about the lack of sleep. If you find it hard to sleep then do whatever like reading or do some work until you feel sleepy.


To solve the problems which we are worried about, we can use a few steps mentioned in the book with pen and paper are as follows:

  1. Analyze the situation fearlessly and honestly and figure out what is the worst that can happen as a result.
  2. After figuring it out, accept it fearlessly and be ready for it.
  3. Find multiple solutions for the problems to improve the situation in your favor and choose the best solution amongst them.
  4. Take the decision to carry out the solution without giving it a second thought and accept the outcome.

“I know the information is not sufficient enough. I strongly recommend you to read the book. I would love to know about your experience with the book. The way it has helped millions of people so will help you too”.




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One of the great authors in the world NEPOLION HILL who wrote a revolutionary book in 1937 might have not known how influential his book would be even after nearly a century later. Think And Grow Rich is commission-based writing, which means Hill was told to write the book by rich businessman Andrew Carnegie with no monetary compensation but just making the arrangements for interviews with the successful people of that era, the people who succeeded using some healthy habits and some principles. Andrew Carnegie told Hill to interview all those people and put their way of thinking in a book so that youngsters would use the success principles and achieve their goal, without facing failure and experimenting on their own. Hill wrote the book in the form of  13 success principles after interviewing the successful people which we will be discussing in short here. Yet I would recommend you to read the whole book through to get the maximum benefit and follow the instruction as it is.


                The starting point of all achievements is DESIRE. A desire of achieving your goals. And it should not be any ordinary desire where you just wish to have something, no. It has to be an intense burning desire where you think nothing else but achieving your goals no matter what happens. It has to be so intense that you wouldn’t worry about your present situation where presently you look like you lack in a few things. Achieving your goals must be the soul thought running in your mind.


Having a faith in yourself and in your abilities that you will achieve your goals regardless of your present condition is one of the main ingredients of being successful. If you lack faith, it would be impossible to achieve your goals because having disbelief will keep pulling you back and you won’t be able to give your hundred percent in your efforts. So, don’t worry about your present situation, just have faith in yourself and in your abilities.


                Autosuggestion simply means giving suggestions to your subconscious mind through continuous positive affirmations and self-talk. It’s kind of encouraging you to work hard to achieve your goals. We must use autosuggestion in a constructive way where we talk only good about our self and shall not use it in a destructive way where we focus on what we lack. Have only good thoughts about yourself. (Follow the steps mentioned in the book for autosuggestion for great results).


                To achieve any kind of goal we need to have a piece of specialized knowledge. A knowledge that lets you think and act in a particular way to take a step forward in terms of achieving your goals. You can get the knowledge from everywhere. From personal or other’s experience. To have such knowledge you can take some courses offline and online.  Attain school and college again. It’s not necessary to have the knowledge of yourself. You can hire or take the assistance of people who possess the necessary skills and knowledge which is going to be required to attain your goals.


                It is literally the workshop where all the plans are created. It is in the imaginative faculty of our mind where we give shape to our plans, strategies, and desires. According to HILL, we can achieve as much as limitations we put in our imaginations. Make the most of your thoughts that pop up in your mind which comes from your imaginations. Create plans in your imagination first and then put them into action. See yourself in the possession of your goals like you already have them and believe while doing so.


While taking the aid of your imagination, make plans to achieve your goals. Keep polishing them until it becomes solid and give assurance of attainment of your goals. Even if you fail at your plans, don’t worry about it. It just means that the plan wasn’t solid enough and need to make another better one. Just don’t stop at the initial failure, just try harder.


                Take your decisions promptly with the help of your experience and knowledge and take them quickly. If you get to indulge in overthinking that whether your plans will work-out or not, then it will arise doubt in your mind which shrinks your progress. Do not procrastinate while taking decisions if you strongly believe in them that they are not going to harm anyone but be in benefit. A sound organized planning will help you with that.


                Persistence is also one of the key ingredients in achieving your goals. It is an essential factor in the procedure of transmitting your desires into their monetary equivalent. Whatever we do to achieve our goals, planning, taking actions on them, and other things; we got to be consistent in it regardless of the initial failures. We must do the things continuously which are taking us toward our goals without giving us any break for any reason. Even if you lack in being persistent, it may overcome by having a strong and intense desire.


                You do not have to have the necessary skills and knowledge which is required to attain your goals. You can get them whenever you want and from everywhere. But not be worried if you lack such knowledge because you can always take the aid of people who possess such knowledge by learning from them or by hiring them under you. All you would need to do is to make them work together in the attainment of the same goal without having an ego. Make sure you are giving them compensation in terms of monetary or respect equivalent to their hard work.


The feeling of emotions like sex, love, a burning desire for fame, power, and financial gains are some of the strong motivating forces to work hard to achieve your goals. When you get such emotions, you have to pick them up right from the beginning and use them in such a constructive way that you won’t take unnecessary risks and it won’t either harm you and others.


                Your subconscious mind is the thing that either helps you to succeed or to fail. Which simply works on the thoughts you feed it. It doesn’t discriminate the thoughts that go in. It simply takes them as it is and gives results accordingly. So what you must do is to keep feeding it positive thoughts all the time regardless of the circumstances with help of positive affirmations, reading good books, listening to positive audios, and by surrounding yourself with things related to your goals which will keep reminding you of your end goal.


                Hill says that your creative imagination is the receiving set of your brain released by your own or other’s subconscious mind consciously or subconsciously. When the brain is stimulated through the positive emotions mentioned earlier it picks up the vibrations released by nature or other people, it helps us to make decisions faster. We just need to have a positive attitude towards everything. It works great when the subconscious mind gets its nutrition.


We are familiar with the sixth sense as to where we get some kind of a feeling about something before it happens. It is a part of our subconscious mind to which we referred as the creative imagination and also as a receiving set, through which ideas, plans, and thoughts just flash into our mind without any effort. Sometimes it called hunches or inspirations. When the sixth sense works it opens the door to wisdom and to let it work, first we must master the other twelve principles.

“I know the information is not sufficient enough. I strongly recommend you to read the book. I would love to know about your experience with the book. The way it has helped millions of people so will help you too”.

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