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The Secret book summary is going to introduce you to one of the great books in the world which have changed the lives of millions of people around the world. According to the author RHONDA BYRNE, the secrete of happiness, being successful in a career, achieving our goals was always been there from the very first day the earth has been created, in fact, it was there even before that because earth got created by using that secret. But it was known to only a few people and they were using it successfully to achieve their professional and personal goals. The author says that the secret is for everyone and everybody can use it and achieve their goals. By using secrets we can have anything like happiness, good health, wealth, great heights in careers, etc. no matter how big it looks. That secret is nothing but a LAW OF ATTRACTION.

The law of attraction works on repetitive dominant thoughts in our conscious mind which eventually goes to our subconscious mind where the actual work is done. The subconscious mind gives the physical form to our thoughts and puts them in front of us as a result. Whether you use it intentionally or unintentionally, whether you want something or not, it still works. But there is one important thing we need to know about the law of attraction that we can’t afford to ignore is that the law of attraction doesn’t discriminate between good and bad thoughts. It takes our dominant thoughts literally and gives the physical form to our thoughts accordingly and puts it in front of us as a final result.

Our dominant thoughts work like broadcasting stations which send the signals in the universe and in return universe gives a similar outcome. Thoughts are nothing but energy. The energy we will emit, the energy we will drawback to us. The kind of thoughts we will have in our subconscious mind, the similar kind of situations or people we will attract in our life. The law of attraction simply gives back to us what we most focus on with our thoughts, and it appears as our life which lives.

Doesn’t matter how bad the situation we are living in. Doesn’t matter how hopeless a situation looks like, we can still come out of it and change the situation in our favor by using the law of attraction. In order to have positive results, we must have positive thoughts running in our minds all the time. Because positive thoughts will attract positive situations, positive people will help us to have positive outcomes.

In order to have a positive outcome, we must be on the same frequency of thought. It means that if we are intentionally trying to put positive thoughts in our subconscious mind, then we need to have faith and belief in them. We need to act and feel the feeling and happiness as it is which we will at the time when we will have it in reality. That’s what being on the same frequency is. But, if we are trying to put positive thoughts in the subconscious mind but having little doubts, then it will give mixed results or results or negative results.

We have the choice to attract what we want because we have the choice to think about what we want. Although it is impossible to control our thoughts, we can definitely control the way we react to them. It takes practice but we can definitely control our reaction to particular situations or circumstances. We need to be aware of our thoughts because we can’t afford to have any kind of negative thoughts, because it may ruin the outcome. Whenever we feel bad or sad it is because we are having some negative thoughts going in our mind which we need to shift to positive thoughts immediately by thinking about our pleasant memories, our favorite song or thinking about the positive result we want and feel happy as we already have it. It’s like distracting the distraction.

You can use these three simple steps to achieve what you want:

  1. Ask: We must have clarity about what we intend to have. Do the thinking. Decide what we really want to acquire. Let the universe know what we desire to have.
  2. Believe: Once we come to a point where we know what our goal is, then we need to have faith and belief in ourselves and in our abilities that no matter what, we are going to have it. Do not think about how it will happen at all. Just know and believe that it will happen for sure.
  3. Receive: And at last, act as if we already have it. Be happy about it. Be grateful for it. Feel the joy when we will have it in reality. Let our positive thought vibrations go in the universe. It will fool the subconscious mind because it can’t make a difference between what is real and what is fake. And it will produce the outcome we want.

I know, the information in the summary is not sufficient enough. That’s why I strongly recommend you to read the book. I would love to know about your experience with this book. The way it has helped millions of people so it will you too.

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